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About Us!

We are a team of young enthusiasts proficient in the core and basics of Mechanical Engineering, who want to contribute to helping each other grow in this field in every way possible...

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Anmoldeep Singh

I really love your posts and all the good information that you put out. Helps in keeping the concepts and facts refreshed. The QnA and the quizzes are also fun answers.
I hope to see more content from you guys!
Congratulations and All the Best! 🎉🎉🎉

Rita Santana

Hello! I'm Rita Santana from Brazil, I would like to say that the "Mech n flow" is just awesome! I started following it a short time ago but I've already learned a lot, incredible content, well explanatory and easy to understand. I'm not from the specific area of mechanical engineering, but I've always been curious and willing to learn about it, and with you all there I've learned a lot. Congratulations to everyone for the incredible work you all are doing, success! :)

Rohan Verma

I like the small bite-sized facts about the various engineering disciplines, that Mechnflow post

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