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Starting Bachelors (especially Mechanical Engineering) this semester?

Here are some things you should know!

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Choosing your bachelor's degree is the biggest step you will take in your life that will change the course of your career completely. A very important decision in everyone's life. You have selected Mechanical engineering as your Bachelor's course.

So, congratulations and welcome to being a future mechanical engineer. Feeling confused and overwhelmed?! Worried about your career decision? Don't worry you are not alone, and we are here to help you out. You might have a few questions that we are trying to address here.

Overview for the four years:

This is how your four years might look like or may not. It is very important to understand that everyone's journey is different and everyone's career path is different. The only reason we write this is to make you feel the four years.

First-year - The only purpose of the first year is to have fun! Yes, you heard it right you have to be outgoing and enjoy this time. Make a lot of connections right from fourth-year senior students to your classmates/ professors. Participate in all the activities that take in and around the campus. Of course, you will have to study and submit assignments which is a given (as you are in college to study). It is not a bad idea to be active on LinkedIn from the start. You will be updated on all the current news related to the mechanical industry.

Tip: When in doubt, consult your seniors/teachers about anything and everything. No one will ever guide you better than them.

Second-year - Explore! Explore everything in and around Mechanical engineering. Take up a variety of courses, and expand your horizon. Try to find out what you really like. Reach out to seniors and professors and ask them for help. You can read the courses on Mech n flow too! Participate in vehicle racing competitions so that you can get a general idea of the process in the mechanical industry.

Tip: Take up volunteer work in the events so that you understand how big events are managed and handled.

Third-year - Now that you know what you like, try to learn more about it. Try to understand if you really enjoy the topic you really like. Try to build your profile around it. Make contacts from your connections with not only seniors and professors but also the industry. Take up an internship. This is going to be the toughest year for you, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

Tip: Try to manage a big event as an event head. You can showcase it on your resume to prove that you have experience in managing events too.

Fourth-year - Decisions! You will have a lot of choices and options in front of you now. All you have to do is choose the one that fits you the best. What will be your thesis/project? Will you go for a master's or a job? Difficult questions but you have to make a few life-changing decisions. But do not worry, we have got your back if you need any help or guidance.

Tip: Try to participate in hackathons in the last year, this might increase your chances to create connections and get that job. Also if you have managed the events in the past years, you know well how you can actually win it.


Have you selected Mechanical Engineering just because you do not like computers? If yes, I have bad news for you. Yes, you will have to learn not everything about computers, but at least learn to code. In the future, the world will be closer, together, and easy to reach. This means jobs too are going to be interdisciplinary. As a result, even though you are a mechanical engineer, you will be expected to code.

Does this mean you have made a wrong decision by choosing mechanical engineering? NO! It is just that this generation of job recruiters expect you to have knowledge of a mechanical engineer with some coding language. But you also have other options to integrate mechanical engineering as follows:

  1. Computer engineering

  2. Electrical/Electronics engineering

  3. Medical engineering

  4. Environmental engineering

Here are some career options that we can suggest to you. As you might observe in the article that there are some options that might not expect you to be interdisciplinary.


Making connections is surely very important. You will meet various kinds of people working in a variety of industries in these four years. Being in touch with them will surely help you bag that internship, project, or job. There is no shame in making connections within your family for internship or job opportunities. Use LinkedIn to the fullest (we might help you here). Take advantage of any and every connection you make. And never forget to return the favor once you start your career.

All in all! You are going to enjoy the journey. It is going to be a rollercoaster ride, but you will miss it once it is over. Stay focused, be yourself, and don't let anyone take you down in any way. These four years will just pass by so fast, take in and feel every moment of it. All the best for your future from us!


This article seemed important to the students who are just starting their careers as mechanical engineers! Let me know if you liked this article and want us to make something similar. <3

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