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About Us!

​We are a team of young enthusiasts proficient in the core and basics of Mechanical Engineering along with helping and encouraging the mechanical engineering students in building their future careers. We are aiming to provide that knowledge to those interested in the subject. In an ideal world, we would like society to be clean, efficient, and progressing with technology. A good engineer will help to minimize consumption and reduce waste without compromising on the output. To achieve this we need to build more good engineers, and we intend to help those. Our team is determined towards the cause of sharing knowledge and we love to keep doing so!

About Us!

From the creators -

Hello everybody!

I am Shalmali Mutalik from India, a Mechanical Engineer graduate. Currently studying M.Sc. in Engg. in Wind Energy at 'Technical University of Denmark'. I would love to contribute to the community of Mechanical Engineering in any way possible. I am a research-oriented individual who is keen on doing my bit to save the planet.


Apart from that, I am an old-school person... I mean I write blogs... That itself is enough to explain it! I prefer books over movies, water over coffee, yoga over the gym, and sleep over anything!!! Also, I am a huge cat person! I would not call myself an introvert, I am an ambivert! Finally, I will be writing every Friday! You can reach me out at

Thank you!

Shalmali Mutalik,

Co-Founder & CEO @ MechnFlow



I am a B.Tech graduate having keen interest in the concepts of mechanical engineering. I would like to share my knowledge with you and help you with the topics you would like to learn. There are many things to love about engineering and this blog is one of those. 

To talk about myself I am a enthusiast about technology and like to know what is happening in the world of technology. I like to know how stuff works and how stuff is made. More personally though, I like to travel and I am more of an outdoors person. Work and Party!!! I live by the moto.

Please get in touch with me if you have any doubts and concerns.


Abhishek Shejul,

Co-Founder & Chief Editor @ MechnFlow


I am Rameez, the oldest one of this bunch of blog writers and the least tech-savvy. No, I am not on Insta, Twitter, Snapchat, bla bla. Let's sit around some time, grab a tea/coffee and have a conversation. 

I am fond of precise writing, creative thinking, and sound sleeping. In a parallel universe, I might have been a cook, a singer, or a dancer. My desk is always a mess and the last page of my notebooks might have some interesting insights, bet me you may even find a theory about virtual reality. However, the truth is, I am still digesting my class 12 physics. Anyways most of my time, I am quite fluidic, stress-free, and in a state of equilibrium. Wow! What a punchline. Reach out to me for any crazy conversation by mailing at, else increase my hit counter to my webpage here.



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Hello everybody!

​I am Sooraj Nair from India, a Civil Engineer graduate student. I love to write and share knowledge which brought me to MechnFlow. I love to read and research diverse topics. 

Apart from all that I love to do poetry, I love a hot cup of coffee and snacks on a rainy day, painting on canvas, and singing badly my favorite 90's songs. I like to be productive all the time and can't sit still :P You can reach me out at

Thank you!

Sooraj Nair

Hello !


I am Anand Zambare, Currently I am a (masters) research scholar at IIT Madras. Fluid dynamics and Mathematics are the primary area of interests for me. I love watching test cricket as well as IPL, so you can say I cover the full spectrum of the of cricket. Chess is also very fascinating thing, if you want to play we should connect :) I am going to write mostly about mathematics with mech n flow and we are going to be in touch through that. For any discussion, chess game or constructive criticism you are more than welcome to drop at or connect on LinkedIn @Anand Zambare or if you want to connect more personally I do use Instagram !!!


More power to everyone 👊🏻😊

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Image by Jon Tyson

'Mech n Flow' specially thanks Shravani  for the best logo and templates. 


Shravani Mutalik

Logo Designer 

She is a very creative young girl, which lead us to our best logo!

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